08:30~09:20 Registration
09:20~09:25 Welcome address Yonsei Univ., Korea
09:25~09:30 Congratulatory remark MOST, Korea
Session I : Regulation of Self Renewal
Chairs: Kye-Seong Kim and Hiromitsu Nakauchi
09:30-09:55 MicroRNAs, as a factor regulating cellular function of stem cells Kye-Seong Kim
Hanyang Univ., Korea
09:55-10:30 Epigenetic regulation of stem cell self-renewal by polycomb group protein, Bmi-1 Hiromitsu Nakauchi
Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
10:30-10:55 Role of growth factors and neurotransmitters in regulation of embryonic stem cell proliferation Ho-Jae Han
Chonnam National Univ., Korea
10:55-11:15 Coffee break
Session ¥± : Prospect of Stem Cell Research
Chairs: Paul J Simmons and Ronald D McKay
11:15-11:50 The Yin and Yang of MSC Paul J Simmons
President of ISSCR, USA
11:50-12:25 The use of embryonic stem cells in science and medicine Ronald D McKay
National Institutes of Health, USA
12:25-13:55 Lunch
Session ¥² : Differentiation and Application of Stem Cells
Chairs: Il-Hoan Oh and Andrew G Elefanty
13:55-14:20 Molecular and cellular targeting of spinal cord injury; From molecular signature to stem cell therapy Soo-Kyung Kang
Pusan National Univ., Korea
14:20-14:55 In vitro differentiation of embryonic stem cells Andrew G Elefanty
Monash Univ., Australia
14:55-15:20 Mesenchymal stem cells for bone marrow transplantation; Roles in hematopoietic regenerations and possible transformation Il-Hoan Oh
Catholic Univ. of Korea, Korea
15:20-15:45 Efficient induction of dopamine neurons/oligodendrocytes from human ES cells Dong-Wook Kim
SCRC, Korea
15:45-16:10 Coffee break
Session ¥³ : Pre-Clinical and Clinical Applications
Chairs: Gilson Khang and Miles G Cunningham
16:10-16:35 Umbilical cord blood-derived stem cells for future regenerative medicine Kyung-Sun Kang
Seoul National Univ., Korea
16:35-17:10 Antidepressant and anxiolytic effects of stem cell-derived monoaminergic neuronal grafts: new horizons and innovative delivery methods Miles G Cunningham
Harvard Medical School, USA
17:10-17:35 From endothelial progenitor cells to MAGIC-CELL clinical trial; an example of ¡®bench to bedside¡¯ Hyo-Soo Kim
Seoul National Univ., Korea
17:35          Closing remark Dong-Wook Kim
Director, SCRC, Korea